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Training and Yoga

Fun and Funtional Fitness!

Group or personal Training

Personal Trainer

Do you have specific goals that you’d like to achieve?  Are you
intimidated by a class setting?  Do you have injuries that may
benefit from adaptations and careful monitoring during exercise? 
If yes, then private or small group training might be right for you.

Personal Trainer

To help build strength, increase flexibility, lose body fat, rehabilitate
injuries, and increase confidence and energy.  A personal trainer
helps by providing motivation and encouragement, monitoring
workouts and providing feedback on progressions. Fitness trainers
also assist by ensuring exercise technique is correct; helping you
stay focused on your goals; helping identify areas of fitness needing improvement; designing a safe and effective fitness program at a
level that's appropriate to your ability and goals.

$50 for approximately 1 hour.
90 minute sessions also available.


Training or Yoga

Share the cost and the fun, by working out with a partner or
small group.  Stay focused and motivated with a little help
from your friends.

$70 for approximately 1 hour.(minimum of 4 sessions)
90 minute sessions also available.


When I was pregnant, I had constant pain in my back.
I was really overweight after having my second baby. 
I am attending Rhonda’s fitness and yoga classes.
 So far, I have lost 37lbs. I look forward to every class.
I feel so good and energized afterwards. I like the variety
of the classes, and how they are different all the time.
You don’t get bored.  The classes give me ideas of things
that I can do outside of class as well. I like how Rhonda
explains the importance of the exercises and educates
us on the anatomy and muscles that we are using. It
makes it easier to do the exercises when you know what
the benefits are. She is really positive, so you want to
work hard, but she’s not like a drill sergeant.  As I have
started to see the results of the classes and working
hard, it motivates me to want to do more. I have so much
more energy. Instead of walking slowly to the car, I want
to run there.  



Well Balanced Fitness
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