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I have been taking yoga classes with Rhonda for
approximately eight months and absolutely LOVE IT! 
I really noticed a change in my body in the second
session.  I feel stronger and calmer, I even find myself
taking a deep breath before I speak or have to deal with
a difficult situation.  I am a shift worker in a stressful environment and work twelve hour shifts and find that
yoga has helped with my overall well being.  Rhonda is
a great instructor who is able to focus her attention on
each participant in her class and offers help and positive
guidance whether you are a beginner or have been doing
yoga for years.  I look forward to my weekly yoga class
with Rhonda and have incorporated it into my fitness
regime.  One day I hope to have time to go to more than
one yoga class a week.



In August 2009 I suffered a detachment of the ACL of my
left knee. In preparation for an ACL reconstruction surgery,
I hired Rhonda as a personal trainer to assist me in strengthening the muscles surrounding the knee. At the time, I was also suffering from a shoulder injury: a tear in my After a bad experience, with a nameless trainer, it took me a long time and some real encouragement,to phone
for an initial appointment with Rhonda. There was some reluctance to go through a similar experience as I had in the past. I had heard about Rhonda from my wife, who had taken a class with her as a substitute and was impressed with the way she communicated and encouraged the group. As soonas I talked to Rhonda on the phone, I knew this would be a better experience. In our initial consultation, 
she showed a tremendous amount of knowledge, patience, and experience- and I immediately knew I was under excellent direction. I have quite a few injuries and health problems, but Rhonda has tailored my program to push me, and yet not injure me, which is an art. As far as the benefits of our program, I can honestly say that it has impacted my life in more ways than I ever thought possible. I just feel- better.   In almost every way. Sure I have lost weight, about 18 lbs, but it's more than that.   My confidence, energy, strength  and stamina have all increased by a large margin.
 Rhonda is just a relentlessly positive, upbeat and encouraging person. I found myself going far beyond what
I thought I could do, and enjoying it, because of her
enthusiasm.  My experience as her client could not have been any better.    I am moving to the Lower Mainland, and will most certainly continue my trainingwith a new trainer.
 I have no illusions, however, about finding someone as good.  I've already had the best there is.

~ Ivan

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