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 Fitness - Alignment
Rhonda Parker

"I have been attending Rhonda's fitcamp
classes for about 2 years now and have noticed so many positive changes. I am stronger and healthier and feel so much better overall. Rhonda has an amazing attitude and is super motivating. She definitely doesn't let you slack off in class and pushes you when she sees you are ready. I love that she is conscious of how
you are performing the exercises and
makes sure that your posture is correct.
She listens to her clients, is aware of what they are looking for and makes sure that everyone,no matter what their level is
benefiting from the classes. Not only do
I get a great workout, but I have fun doing it!"

~ Marieke

Come join us for fun and functional fitness and yoga classes! 
Whether you are a seasoned exerciser, or a brand new beginner,
we invite you to let us motivate you in our mixed level classes. 
Our teachers have plenty of experience modifying exercises to
meet students’ needs, while challenging them to reach new
levels of fitness!  Our core-focused classes will push you, in
an encouraging and supportive environment.

Class Descritions


   Circuit - Bosu Circuit

Have fun while firing up your metabolism. This motivating class,
improves endurance, tones and challenges all of the muscle
groups, and conditions the cardiovascular system. Mix strength
training with cardiovascular training for a time- efficient, calorie
blasting workout.  Classes focus on the conditioning and stability
of the core using the BOSU functional training tool (which are the
dome-shaped exercise tools, that look like half of an exercise ball).

Options for different fitness levels.  55 minute class

  Flow Yoga

This mixed level, 90 minute class incorporates different yoga styles.
Flowing movements are complimented with safety and alignment.
Get familiar with sun salutations, and explore inversions, backbends,
and balancing poses. Classes focus on improving range of motion,
strength, muscular balance, body awareness, and stress reduction.
The flowing style encourages an increase in energy and vitality. Many
options are offered throughout the classes for all levels of students.

Please bring your own mat.  90 minute class

  Fit Camp

Get motivated, working out in a group environment. This total body
workout will challenge you to improve all aspects of fitness. Fire
your metabolism, target every muscle group and achieve your
fitness goals! This one hour class focuses on cardio, strength,
agility and endurance- so be sure to bring a towel and some water.
Creative exercise options accommodate varying fitness levels.
We will incorporate different types of equipment and exercises to
make it a fun, and time-efficient, workout challenge!

1 hour or 90 minute class (begins with a 30 minute run or walk)

  Restorative Yoga

This soothing form of yoga, combines gentle movements, to warm
and awaken the body, with mindful strengthening and stretching.
Whether you have suffered an injury, have tight muscles, are new
to yoga or just want to relax, this is the class for you! Restorative
yoga affects the central nervous system, lowering heart rate, blood
pressure, and helping to balance the immune and endocrine
systems. By promoting conscious relaxation, we provide the body
an opportunity to release muscular tension, restore the natural
range of motion in the joints, improve digestion, reduce stress,
and boost the body’s vital energy.  The focus on movement and
your breath, will leave you feeling nourished, well rested, and
reconnected.  This class is suitable for all levels.

Please bring your own mat.  50 minute class



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